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10 Master Chefs 
Celebrate 11 Years

One Amazing  Picnic 


The Arcadia Box Social


Celebrating 11 Years of Sustainable Food,
Farming & Food Justice

10 great chefs have packed an amazing picnic for you to celebrate Arcadia's

Veteran Farmer Program.

Take a breath. 

Reconnect and reset with friends, with family.

With the world just outside your door.  

On October 17, we invite you to find yourself a patch of grass, a balcony, or a pillow in front of a fire.

Or bring a blanket and join us at Arcadia on the lawn of 

Woodlawn for a socially distanced picnic

Together, but safely apart.

Enjoy the autumn colors. Make yourself comfortable.

And dig in. 

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One Amazing Picnic

Honoring Arcadia's Veteran Farmer Program


125 military veterans, active duty service members,

and family members trained since 2016 on land that once belonged to George Washington

“I started Arcadia in 2010 to fill gaps and innovate solutions to fix a broken food system. I named it after a mythical paradise in ancient Greece. Ten years on, thousands of devoted volunteers, generous donors, spirited veterans, and enthusiastic customers and families have brought forth a real Arcadia, devoted to more just, more sustainable, more abundant wholesome food, for everyone.”


Michael Babin

Arcadia Founder & Chairman

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This is the time of year we normally gather around a long table on the farm, elbow to elbow. We serve each other from shared platters of food. We make friends with strangers. Almost every word of that is currently ill-advised. But still, we celebrate. Still, we eat. So let’s do it together.


The pandemic has shown us all that only a few things really matter: Good health. Good food to eat. Warm human connections. Thanks to you, Arcadia has been cultivating all three for 10 years and we look forward to another decade and more, with your support and our gratitude.


About Arcadia

Arcadia Cultivates Vibrant Local Food Systems That Prioritize Health, Equity, And Sustainability, From Our Farm Forward.

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$1.6 million in fresh,

wholesome food



& Sr FMNP doubled


9 neighborhoods





5 Acres


700,000 servings of

fruits and vegetables


Native meadows

& beehives 

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For more information & to make a donation, please visit Arcadiafood.org.

Thank you to our sponsors: Neighborhood Provisions & Jen Walker Team